3 week Immersion class for June 6th-2oth, 6pm Thursdays

3 week Immersion class for June 6th-2oth, 6pm Thursdays


Come join us every Thursday for three weeks to learn about ceramics and make your own pieces from start to finish! Great for beginners!

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Night 1: For the first evening the group will be taught by Porch Pottery’s owner about the ways of the wheel! Ample clay will be supplied and your instructor will demonstrate and guide students on how to make a set of 2 mugs. This first night class will be roughly an hour and a half. Students will be limited to keeping only 2 pieces from this first session.

Night 2: Students will be instructed on how to trim their mugs, make handles and attach them. We will then do leaf imprinting on said mugs

Night 3: Finally! The big day, its glaze day. Students will be shown different glaze combinations and how to use wax resist to put the finishing touch on their one of a kind pieces! These pieces will then be fired and returned to students in three to four weeks. If you enjoy your Immersion Class, consider signing up for our 8 week class at a 15% discount!