3 Week Immersion Class October: Jack -o- Lantern jars!

For the month of October Porch Pottery Inc. will be holding a new, 2 week long class. We currently only offer 2 classes per month on Thursdays or Sundays. Students will be lead by our instructor on wheel, hand building, glazing techniques that coincide with the project Each class will take place once a week on each consecutive Thursday evening at 6 PM October 10th & 24th, or Sunday at 11 AM October 6th & 27th, with each class ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours. Fee: $90/student (this includes all materials, glazing, and firing costs for the 2 or 3 weeks). Each class is a small group of no more than 6 students (ages 15 and up). Payment will be required to hold your place for the session. There are no make up classes for missing a class unless Porch Pottery has cancelled the day’s session. Read below for a further breakdown of each night!

Please contact us at 321 444 6317, or email at crichards@porchpottery.com to book your spot!


Night 1: For the first evening the group will be taught by Porch Pottery’s owner about the ways of the wheel! Ample clay will be supplied and your instructor will demonstrate and guide students on how to make 1 medium sized jar with a lid. We will use a heat gun to speed up the drying process so our piece can be easily manipulated. We will trim and carve into our pieces this night.

A lightly modified pumpkin jar

A lightly modified pumpkin jar

Night 2: Our pieces have had ample time to dry and go through the bisque fire so it is time to glaze! While we do have 2 orange themed glazes, you will be free to use any of our 16 glazes and their numerous combinations to further personalize your creation!