3 Week Immersion Class

Starting in May, 2019, Porch Pottery Inc. will be holding a new, 3 week long class. Students will be lead by our instructor on wheel, handbuilding, and glazing techniques and colors not offered in our Date Night classes. Each class will take place once a week on each consecutive Thursday evening at 6 pm with each class ranging from 1.5 to 2 hours. Fee: $90/student (this includes all materials, glazing, and firing costs for the 3 weeks). Each class is a small group of no more than 6 students. Payment will be required to hold your place for the session. There are no make up classes for missing a class unless Porch Pottery has cancelled the day’s session. Read below for a further breakdown of each night!

Please contact us at 321 444 6317, or email at crichards@porchpottery.com to book your spot!


Night 1: For the first evening the group will be taught by Porch Pottery’s owner about the ways of the wheel! Ample clay will be supplied and your instructor will demonstrate and guide students on how to make a mug and/or a bowl all their own. This first night class will be roughly an hour and a half. Students will be limited to keeping only 2 pieces from this first session.


Night 2: Students will be instructed on how to trim their mugs (or bowl), make handles and attach them. We will then take a brief trip outside to find foliage to use and imprint on our pieces. This night be a bit shorter than the standard 1.5 hours


Night 3: Finally! The big day, its glaze day. Students will be shown different glaze combinations and how to use wax resist to put the finishing touch on their one of a kind pieces! These pieces will then be fired and returned to students in three to four weeks. If you enjoy your Immersion Class, consider signing up for our 8 week class at a 15% discount!