Abandoned pieces

Once all pieces are done, you will be called (roughly 4-6 weeks after your visit) to pick up your creations. We try to hold onto items as long as possible, but due to the high volume of pieces being left, we are now limiting the time pieces can sit in the studio. 

After 30 days of the first attempt to notify a customer that their items are available for pick up, items will be considered abandoned and removed from the property.

Cracked or broken items






Expired Groupons










Unfortunately, not everything makes it out of the kiln in one solid piece. Your instructor will aid in the creation of your wheel thrown piece (the typical victims of cracks or rips) and guide you to success, but sometimes the clay doesn't abide by what we want. The kiln is an intense atmosphere and sometimes there are casualties. If your item completely breaks, the instructor will notify you and may present options, but understand that we can only prevent so much. There are no refunds.


If you want to schedule an appointment with an expired Groupon, or are booking a date after expiration, you will be required to pay the difference between the Groupon and the full price.

For the BYOB date night for 2 the difference is $18

For BYOB date night for 4 the difference is $50

When picking up pieces, please be courteous to Open Studio Members if the owner is not present. These fine folks have written permission and waivers that allow them to access the studio when it is closed. They are not there to assist customers and will not give away finished packages. Me and my assistant are the only ones allowed to give finished packages to customers.